Benefits For Authors

Journal of Clinical Nephrology has a rich history and track-record of delivering simpler and updated access to the research needs in disciplines of health, science, management and law. Heighten Science empowers a knowledge-centric approach to deliver breakthrough online manuscripts that proves to provide education and awareness in a cost-effective way.

The facilities and features that we provide with our online journals not only help the authors in a hassle-free publication process but also enrich a loyal-base of knowledge seeking group of intellectuals.

Some of the characteristics possessed by Heighten Science Publication that makes it unique in online publications are:

  • Scalar chain- The scalar chain of Heighten Science comprises of prominent scholars and experts of different fields and an alert unmatched readership base. We have always confirmed to the requirements of the readers that is why we have a reader base that is increasing gradually with our popularity.
  • Review process- We would like to elucidate that all the manuscripts submitted to Heighten Science for publication undergo a rigorous 'double blind peer review process'. We ensure complete obscurity of the reviewer so that we can get impartial and unbiased report on the standard of submitted manuscripts.
  • No word count barrier- A submission to the Heighten Science Publication has no word or size barriers. We know the value of your research and therefore do not want to stalemate your research work in limiting it to word counts or size.
  • 'Find My Journal' Tool- Journal of Clinical Nephrology brings forth a tool which makes finding the right journal process an effortless treat. The authors can find this tool on the top right side of home page. When an author clicks on this tool, a search screen appears which asks the author to enter a title of the manuscript and some prominent keywords of the abstract. After clicking the submit button, the tool will generate a list of Heighten Science journals that are nearly matching to the abstract. The authors can filter the results and identify the best journal that suits their manuscripts.
  • Plagiarism detection system- The Journal of Clinical Nephrology editorial office uses the plagiarism detection system for every submitted manuscript and never gives any consideration to fabricated manuscripts.
  • Manuscript Transfer facility- In case the authors have different choices of journals published by Journal of Clinical Nephrology, They are suggested to submit their manuscript to their first choice journal under consideration. In peer review process, if the manuscript is considered unsuitable for that journal, the authors can request the editorial board about transferring the manuscript to another journal published by Journal of Clinical Nephrology. This manuscript transfer process facilitates that the authors are not required to upload their files and details more than once.
  • Membership levels- Journal of Clinical Nephrology offers different paradigms of open access memberships' that enables the authors to publish their breakthrough research without any direct or hidden manuscript processing Charges. Journal of Clinical Nephrology provides membership under different bonces, such as Individual membership, Departmental membership and Institutional membership.
  • Creative Commons Attribution License- Authors, editors and readers please note that all manuscripts published in Journal of Clinical Nephrology are under Creative Commons Attribution License, providing immediate and permanent access for free to all types of original works. The license grants copyrights to the author concerned and make the articles available for their distribution. Everyone can use the manuscripts in productive way for the benefits of the society.
  • Open Access Authorship and Publication Agreement- This agreement sets forth fair policies and different terms and conditions that help in developing a strong relationship between Journal of Clinical Nephrology and authors. This agreement also helps in expediting the publication process of manuscript.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy- Journal of Clinical Nephrology adopts fair policies and believes in utmost satisfaction on authors. Therefore we ensure that the manuscript goes for the publication within 7 days of payment of publication charges. However, if due to some unseen reasons manuscript is not published within 10 days, Journal of Clinical Nephrology refund the received payment.
  • Discounts and waivers- Journal of Clinical Nephrology implies various schemes for discount and complete waiver of the publication charges for the authors with genuine reasons and for the authors who belong to countries that are considered as low income economies.
  • Manuscript promotion- Journal of Clinical Nephrology understands the importance of your literary work. Therefore we have formulated different ways to promote your manuscript. Assistance to your manuscript in the form of promotion is a critical backbone in the journey of publication.
  • Abstracting and Indexing- We realize that indexing is a backbone in promoting journals. Our dedicated team carefully evaluates the journals and employs best efforts to successfully and timely indexing the journals in appropriate indexing services.
  • Reprinting facility- Journal of Clinical Nephrology facilitates reprinting or republishing of the manuscripts with an objective to encourage and promote the authors' stringent research works in different avenues such as in conferences, seminars, valuable collection for libraries and other social informative services. We provide high-quality reprints in both black & white and color format with a customized cover page to maximize the value of the manuscript.
  • Digital Objective Identifier (DOI) - Journal of Clinical Nephrology facilitates DOI to all the published manuscripts. DOI is an accurate unique identifier for an electronic document used to cite and link the published article electronically. This facility enables researchers or readers to navigate electronically published manuscripts at a citation level irrespective to publisher or journal. The usage of DOI becomes a differentiating factor as just a single click takes the reader to the appropriate content location.

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