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Fluctuation of serum creatinine: preoperative and postoperative evaluation of chronic kidney disease patients

Chowdhury Md Navim Kabir*

Published: 08 February, 2023 | Volume 7 - Issue 1 | Pages: 012-017

Renal impairment is one of the most severe non-communicable diseases around the world. Especially patients with diagnosed/newly diagnosed renal impairment who needed surgery are more focused on preoperative and postoperative preparation. Serum creatinine is the prime biochemical marker for assessing renal function and the level of impairment is widely measured by this marker as well as Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR). 
Objective: Factors responsible for fluctuating serum creatinine during preoperative and postoperative periods and minimizing the process of serum creatinine is the ultimate goal of this study. 
Method: 37 patients participated in this cross-sectional study who were previously diagnosed/newly diagnosed. They were admitted to different tertiary-level hospitals for emergency or elective surgery. 15 patients were admitted in the renal function impairment stage and 22 were admitted as normal patients’. Values of creatinine at the pre-admission stage and 2nd/3rd post-admission follow-up were compared. 
Results: 0.41 was the average of 22 patients’ creatinine between pre-admission and 2nd/3rd follow-up. The responsible factor like prolonged staying, immobilization, co-morbidities, different preoperative antibiotics and NSAIDs were also inducers for creatinine elevation. After postoperative hemodialysis rapid decrease of creatinine is seen in normal patients but this decrease is very much minor in CKD-diagnosed patients. 

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CKD; Meropenam; NSAID; Co-morbidities; Immobilized


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