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How does urine pH effect the tooth decay?

Muhammad Imran Qadir and Yasmeen Mureed*

Published: 05 June, 2020 | Volume 4 - Issue 2 | Pages: 022-023

The basic aim of the present study was to relate tooth decay with the pH of the urine. pH is very important aspect which affects and depends upon the urine specificity. The glomerulus is a necessary part in the structure of kidney. The glomerulus is involved in the filtration of blood, which is involved in acidification with the help of kidneys. A cavity or hole is formed within the tooth and it can leads towards tooth decay. Cavity in its structure is so small when it is at its starting point but with the passage of time cavity becomes large in between of the teeth and it can be a main reason to the complex diseases. A total of 100 students get participated in this study from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan. In this subjects went into the lab with their urine samples taking in the urine collection bag. In this a strip is used to find the values pH. Strip is placed in the urine collection bag for a minute. Then we noted the different values of different subjects. We designed a research project based upon the results that depend upon either there was any relation among tooth decay and pH. The aim of the project was either there is any relation among the tooth decay and urine pH. It was concluded that there was no any kind of relation among urine pH and tooth decay.

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Tooth decay; pH; Cavity


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