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Impact of a multidisciplinary pre-dialysis program on renal treatment modalities choice

Luis Miguel Castro Fonseca dos Santos Oliveira*, Rui Arlindo dos Santos Alves de Castro and Teresa Margarida Ribeiro Pinto Morgado

Published: 05 May, 2021 | Volume 5 - Issue 2 | Pages: 047-052

In Portugal, around 2500 patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease (CKD stage 5) start a renal replacement therapy (RRT) for the first time each year [1]. They have four main treatment options: kidney transplantation (TX); haemodialysis (HD); peritoneal dialysis (PD) and conservative treatment (CT). RRT selection is quite complex due to the specificities of each option and to their profound effect on patient’s quality of life. Patients must play a decisive role in the choice of treatment modality and select the option that best suits to their values and needs.

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